Born Of Fire

From the dawn of civilization, truffles have been a prized ingredient.


Thousands of years ago Plutarch and Juvenal argued that truffles were created by flashes of lightning.

Of course, this isn’t true, but all the way up
until the 18th century, the origins of this prized food were a mystery.


Because they grow underground, truffles are hunted by pigs and dogs whose sense of smell helps them to find the precious fungus.

Now most varieties can be cultivated, but their delicious taste, relative rarity and short shelf life make them a luxury even today.

Culinary Icon

A flavour profile that gives chefs a boost of creativity and luxury.


Dishes involving truffles range
from the simple to the complex.

Traditional recipes often involve
shaving truffles over rich but simple bases.
These might be eggs, risotto soft cheese,
or carpaccio.


More modern interpretations can also be prepared by more adventurous chefs.

From democratizing the flavors of truffle in a pizza, to taking it to truly luxurious heights by pairing it with lobster tail.

With the new access to consistent and high quality raw ingredients provided by Trufo, your options are limited only by your imagination.

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